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The app revolutionizing the way we connect within the IDD Community

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Our Mission

Hello, It’s Me Strives To Reduce Feelings Of Isolation And Loneliness In People With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities.

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During COVID, people became isolated from their friends and it disrupted their normal routines. This was particularly hard for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Hello, It’s Me is for anyone who would like to make a friend, meet new people, talk about shared interests, and form relationships. Traditional dating apps may not be safe for some folks with IDD. Hello, It’s Me allows folks with IDD to practice skills through story-based learning opportunities while practicing those skills through our dating/friendship section.

Working Better Together: Our Products in Perfect Harmony

Each of our products works together to provide a safe place to learn, interact, connect, and have fun.


Leadership Behind the Curtain

Kevin Drumheller

Kevin Drumheller

CEO, Richcroft
Dr. Karyn Harvey

Dr. Karyn Harvey

Psychologist, Park Avenue Group
Vik Aurora

Vik Aurora

SVP-Strategic Partnerships, Focus EduSolutions