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Relationship Coaching

Speak to One of Our Relationship Coaches No Matter What Relationship Issues You Are Facing

Our Relationship Coaches Are Here to Support You as You Meet New People and Make New Friends!

You can receive relationship coaching if you'd like extra help in learning how to meet and get along with new friends or start a new relationship. This is not therapy but coaching that will help you learn some new skills.

  • No-Pressure Connection With A Trained Professional IDD Coach
  • Trainers Focusing on Guidance On Relationship, Family And Personal Issues
  • 30/60/90 Minute Sessions
  • Easy Scheduling And Re-Scheduling Options
  • Human Staffed Helpdesk Support To Manage Any Scheduling Issues
  • Sessions Will Recommend Follow-up Pathways With Learning Resources
  • Available in English And Spanish

Sexuality and Intimacy


Our Relationship Coaching offers a secure environment for individuals to explore and understand their emotions, desires, and boundaries.



Benefits of Relationship Coaching

Relationships can be tough but we are here to help!

How to Ask Someone out on a Date

Asking someone out can be intimidating. Let us assist you in asking that person out.

How to Let Someone Know You’re Not Interested

Not being interested in someone is okay but can be uncomfortable. We will guide you in ways you can respectfully tell someone you are not interested.

Taking Your Relationship to the next Level

Uncertain about how to move to the next step in your relationship? We are here to assist you in how to take your relationship to the next level.

Help with Communication Skills

Communication is key in any relationship but can be one of the biggest challenges we face because we all communicate differently. Learn how to understand the other person and how they communicate.

Dealing with Conflict Within a Relationship or Friendship

Conflict is never easy. We can help guide you and provide you with healthy ways to resolve conflict.

How to Make Friends

Let our coaches assist you in how to reach out and make friends.


You do not have to have a paid subscription to access our relationship coaches. All coaching sessions are an additional fee.

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90 Minute Session


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