Advocacy Group Collaborations with Hello, It's Me®

Our Vision for Partnership

At Hello, It's Me®, our mission is to help individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) live happy, independent lives. By collaborating with you, we aim to create a stronger, more supportive community. Your local knowledge, combined with our resources, can significantly impact individuals with IDD.


Why Partner with Us?

Together, We Do More: Combining strengths for better support.

Help in Every Community: Extending help and resources to every town.

Make Dreams Come True: Empowering individuals with IDD to achieve their goals.

How We Work Together

Your Local Insights:

  • Community surveys for direct insights.
  • Focus groups to discuss needs and solutions.

Our Technology:

  • User-friendly app with features for individuals with IDD.
  • Interactive tools for skill development.
  • Virtual workshops for ongoing education.

Comprehensive Support:

  • Training for caregivers and volunteers.
  • Local and virtual support networks.
  • Sharing success stories to inspire the community.

Together, We Create Impact:

  • Goal setting for personal achievements.
  • Fostering independence through tailored programs.
  • Encouraging community engagement in events and activities.
Advocacy partnership

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Virtual Art Exhibit

Submissions due by April 15th

Calling all artists! Showcase your creativity and talent in our virtual art exhibit and be entered for a chance to win exciting prizes! From paintings to sculptures and beyond, we want to see your unique perspective and vision. Join us in celebrating the power of art to connect and inspire. Submit your artwork today!Submit Your Art