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ConnectAbility Coaching

Empowering IDD Individuals Through Expert Group Coaching

ConnectAbility Coaching is Hello, It's Me®'s premier group coaching service, designed to bridge the gap between digital connections and real-world skills for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). This innovative program extends the benefits of our app into hands-on, expert-led sessions that foster independence, build confidence, and enhance social capabilities.



Comprehensive Skill Development

ConnectAbility Coaching covers four key areas essential for personal growth and independence


Life Skills

Objective: Equip participants with essential life skills for independent living and personal growth.

Daily Routines and Time Management: Establish structured routines, prioritize tasks, and overcome procrastination.
Financial Literacy: Learn budgeting, understand banking and credit, and plan for financial goals.
Health and Wellness: Maintain physical and mental health through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management.
Problem-solving and Decision-Making: Identify issues, develop solutions, and make informed choices.
Personal Growth: Foster self-awareness, build resilience, and develop effective communication skills.


Employment Skills

Objective: Prepare participants for the workforce with essential job search and workplace skills.

Job Search: Identify opportunities, craft effective resumes and cover letters, and navigate interviews and follow-ups.
Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Structure professional resumes, tailor cover letters to job descriptions, and highlight key skills and achievements.
Interview Skills: Prepare for various interview types, practice answering common questions, and present oneself confidently.
Workplace Etiquette: Understand workplace culture, communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors, and handle workplace challenges.
Professional Development: Set career goals, pursue continuous learning opportunities, and build a professional network.


Friendship and Social Skills

Objective: Help participants build and maintain friendships through effective communication and social interactions.

Making New Friends: Approach and initiate conversations, find common interests, and join social groups or clubs.
Maintaining Friendships: Practice effective communication and active listening, show empathy and support.
Conflict Resolution: Understand different types of conflicts, apply resolution strategies, and seek help when needed.
Social Etiquette: Learn appropriate behavior in various social settings and cultural contexts.
Digital Communication: Navigate online friendships and use social media responsibly.


Dating, Sexuality, and Intimacy

Objective: Provide participants with knowledge and skills related to dating, sexuality, and intimate relationships.

Understanding Relationships: Different types of relationships, mutual respect, and consent, navigating emotional and physical intimacy.
Safe Dating Practices: Recognizing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, setting and respecting boundaries, safe online dating, and meeting in person.
Communication in Intimacy: Discussing needs and desires, handling rejection and disagreements, and maintaining intimacy and connection.

Why Choose ConnectAbility Coaching?

• Expert-led sessions tailored to various cognitive and social abilities
• Safe, supportive environment for practicing new skills
• Peer-to-peer learning opportunities
• Measurable progress towards personal goals
• Increased confidence in social and professional settings



• Enhance your support services portfolio
• Offer more comprehensive care to your IDD community
• Access to Hello, It's Me®'s proven curriculum and methodologies
• Regular progress reports and outcome measurements
• Flexibility to integrate with existing support plans



Flexible Session Formats

ConnectAbility Coaching offers two primary delivery methods


1. In-Person Group Sessions

  • Conducted at your facility or chosen location
  • Ideal for local communities and residential settings
  • Hands-on activities and immediate feedback


2. Virtual Group Sessions

  • Accessible via secure video conferencing
  • Remote and transportation-challenged friendly.
  • Interactive tools and breakout rooms for engagement

Both formats maintain our commitment to small group sizes, ensuring personalized attention and optimal learning experiences.

Transforming Lives



Partner with Hello, It's Me® for ConnectAbility Coaching

Ready to enhance your support services with ConnectAbility Coaching? Our team is here to guide you through the process

  Initial Consultation: Discuss your community's needs and goals

  Customized Program Design: Tailor our curriculum to your specifications

  Facilitator Training: Ensure seamless integration with your existing services

  Program Launch: Begin transforming lives in your IDD community

  Ongoing Support: Regular check-ins and program adjustments as needed

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