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What is ADHD, How Does It Impact Someone, and How is It Treated?

Did you know that over 6 million kids in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD, while also impacting 8 million adults? Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common disorder for children, teenagers, and adults. It is considered a neurodevelopmental disorder, meaning that it affects the growth and development of the brain. While ADHD is typically diagnosed at a younger age, some people may have ADHD and not know or be treated. It can also present itself in adulthood although that is less likely. 


What are some common symptoms of ADHD? 

Early signs of ADHD in children can show at home or in school. Children or teenagers with ADHD may have these symptoms: 

-Challenges in interacting with peers and sharing things

-Being too verbal and talking too much 

-Inability to stay focused or pay attention to certain things

-Forgetfulness or carelessness 

-Difficulty not moving or being still 

Children and teenagers may have difficulty learning in school due to ADHD and the inability to focus on schoolwork. It may also be challenging connecting emotionally with other people.  


What causes someone to develop ADHD?

While the cause of ADHD is still unknown, many studies and research show indications of potential causes and factors of developing the disorder. The following reasons may be risk factors: 

-Genetics factors 

-Environmental factors either during pregnancy or early life

-Using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy 

-Being born too early or having a low weight at the time of birth 


How is ADHD diagnosed? 

No individual test exists to diagnose ADHD. Instead, other factors are considered, and examinations are performed to determine whether the person has ADHD or not. Since some symptoms of ADHD can mirror other disorders, observing all symptoms is important. A physical exam as well as a series of relevant questions are asked of the patient to rule out other conditions and to determine with more certainty if the person has ADHD. 


What are the treatment options for ADHD? 

The most common treatment plans for those with ADHD include certain medications prescribed by the primary care physician, together with behavioral therapy sessions. It is always best to do routine follow-up appointments with the doctor as well. 

If you or someone you know has ADHD or think you may have it, it’s always wise to discuss it further with your primary care doctor for your best plan of action. 

For more details on and interaction with those with disabilities or disorders, click here today. 

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