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Why are More People Experiencing Anxiety Disorders?

A 2023 report shows that anxiety among adults has increased by at least 25% in the past year. In recent years, studies show that anxiety has drastically increased, with some health experts even going so far as to refer to modern-day as an anxiety epidemic. In fact, over 40 million adults in the United States reportedly have anxiety. But what are the causes of the uptick in anxiety? 

High-stress jobs and deadlines 

A 2022 study from the American Institute of Stress reported some alarming statistics on how work stress impacts adults across the country. Their study showed that 85% of Americans not only had work-related stress but that 25% of those people indicated that work was the primary stressor in their lives. 76% of people said their work stress interferes with their personal relationships and an estimated 1 million people per day miss work because of too much stress. 

Too much screen time and social media 

While the internet is quite helpful to our everyday lives and technological advancements have made great strides, too much screen time and scrolling through social media can add to our daily stress levels. The extreme rise of social media popularity has been referred to as addictive by many healthcare institutions, suggesting that it can cause anxiety and depression, especially among youth. When younger kids or teenagers spend too much time on social media, they may have difficulty focusing on other things. It may also be linked to childhood obesity as kids are not being as active as they should be. Additionally, many women may see unrealistic expectations of appearance on social media and become stressed about the way they look. Other studies show that physical stress is present as well- such as eye strain and headaches. 

Financial hardships 

A recent 2023 survey showed that 72% of Americans are struggling financially, and just 28% feel financially stable. In the past couple of years, inflation rates have soared, hovering between 6-7% in 2021 and 2022 compared to the 1.4% it was in 2020. Inflation impacts everyone as the prices of goods and services increase- such as gas for your car, groceries, the housing market, and more. While unemployment rates have shown a slight decrease following the recent pandemic, the United States unemployment rate is still around 3.8%. Constantly worrying about how to pay rent, living check to check, and making ends meet, puts significant stress on Americans, causing an increase in overall anxiety. 

Exhaustion and lack of sleep 

Suffering from insomnia can cause a wide range of physical stress such as headaches, lack of energy, inability to focus, and more. Yet, it has just as much of a mental impact as well. Not sleeping enough can cause mood fluctuations, irritability, and ultimately more anxiety. It can cause an increase in feeling drained with everyday responsibilities. 

Lasting stress from the pandemic 

The pandemic swept the globe nearly 4 years ago, but many are still feeling the lasting stress. Many unfortunately lost some close to them at the hands of the virus. Others may have had severe financial issues such as losing their job or home for not having an income. Others may fear a new pandemic will take over the country. Consistent fear is a prominent cause of stress and anxiety. 

Poor overall health 

Having specific medical conditions or poor health such as obesity, can cause physical and mental stress on a person. Constantly worrying about a disease or condition, or how you look, can cause lasting anxiety. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with excessive stress or anxiety, it’s always best to discuss your concerns with a primary care physician. For more details on mental health, disorders, and disabilities, check out https://hello-itsme.com/ today. 

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